A letter from the founders

The Story of Multiloginapp

By Donat Voronin, Pavel Gorohhovatski

As with many products and services, Multiloginapp was conceptualized as a solution to a problem. Our online marketing efforts started to expand and we found ourselves logging in and out of hundreds of accounts every day. This task was irritating, and it was also time-consuming – we would spend one to two hours every day on just logging in and out of our accounts. Can you imagine?

We needed a better, more efficient solution. Multiloginapp was born. Originally, the only capability of Multiloginapp was to allow for multiple simultaneous logins from one machine. We had only the ability to save login information and launch multiple sessions to control multiple accounts at once.

Very quickly we realized that almost every major online platform did not like what we were doing. Many of our accounts were being banned or suspended. Security mechanisms were detecting our browser’s identifying information – today better known as its fingerprint – and throwing up a red flag because the same fingerprint was being used by so many accounts to log in.

To avoid detection and keep our tool of convenience running smoothly, we implemented techniques to modify the browser fingerprint of each account profile in order to bypass these security mechanisms. We called the finished product Multiloginapp.

Today, Multiloginapp is the very first browser identity management and automation platform of its kind. Click here to learn more about its features.

The ‘why’

Many people – our friends and customers, as well as journalists and investors – ask us why we created Multiloginapp. Why did we evolve it into a commercial tool available to everyone? Are we just catering to spammers and hoping to make a quick buck?

The answer is no. The reason we developed Multiloginapp is far more substantive.

We developed Multiloginapp as a last stand in the fight for online privacy.

You see, when we started looking at different fingerprinting techniques, we started to realize the sheer scope of fingerprinting. As it stands in 2016, almost all major online platforms are using fingerprinting to identify your computer as your computer. (Not that you knew that.)

And these platforms use your fingerprint information for anything and everything. Security checks? Sure. Advertising? Of course. Any other business purpose they can imagine? Without hesitation.

Fingerprinting can be used by anyone, and for any purpose. There are no regulations on fingerprinting. You do not have the ability to opt out of fingerprinting. Heck, unless you run special plugins, you aren’t even aware that your browser fingerprint is being taken. (You might not have even known what fingerprinting was before reading this page!)

If you are concerned about privacy, fingerprinting is the #1 most prevalent way of intruding on your security. It can, and does, identify your computer as your computer. And yet, almost no one knows about fingerprinting… let alone how to combat it.

That’s where we come back into the story. We are privacy-oriented individuals. We believe that users should be informed that they are being tracked, whether through fingerprinting or any other method, and that they should have the ability to opt out if they wish to.

Not surprisingly, the major online platforms don’t seem to agree with us. They want their data. And that’s okay. But we went our separate way and developed a tool that would allow our vision to become a reality, regardless of whether the major platforms hear our fingerprinting privacy concerns or not.

Multiloginapp is the Future of Privacy

With fingerprinting in the mix, there are now only two ways to maintain your privacy online.

1. Make every fingerprint the same, so that there is no way to track any one person.
2. Make every fingerprint different, but allow for a single person to switch between as many distinct fingerprints as needed to avoid tracking.

Existing solutions, such as the TOR Browser, fall into category #1. Every TOR user looks the same to website security systems. However, in order to accomplish this feat, TOR must disable many common browser features, such as HTML5, Javascript, and more. Trying to use TOR for everyday purposes is very difficult, and in some cases, impossible.

Multiloginapp falls into category #2. Every user still maintains his or her unique identity in the eyes of website security systems. However, with the ability to change your unique identity at will, you may hide in plain site to slip by website security systems and remain anonymous. And you may do so through a regular browser interface, without having to deal with the technical difficulties of a browser like TOR.

Because of these facts, Multiloginapp is the future of privacy. Our software is the only solution to staying anonymous while maintaining the normal functions of a popular browser.

For now, as the very first browser identity management and automation platform, Multiloginapp appeals mostly to internet marketing, web automation, and web mining specialists.

However, we hope to eventually develop Multiloginapp into the ultimate online privacy tool, known by and accessible to everyone in the world who wishes to preserve his or her privacy in regards to fingerprint tracking and other forms of tracking.

With the increase in fingerprinting effectiveness and the blatant, uncontrolled usage of fingerprinting data, there will come a time when the public recognizes the need for anonymity.

When that time comes, Multiloginapp will be waiting.

Our 10-year goal is for Multiloginapp to be installed on 1,000,000 computers worldwide.

To join us, start by downloading Multiloginapp. Tell us what you think. Research your online privacy. And spread the word.

Together, we can beat tracking and make online privacy a reality for everyone.