Adding browser profiles

To add a browser profile (also called browser session), use the following process:

  2. Enter the name of the browser profile
  3. Choose the browser you want to use
  4. Enter the user agent* (optional)
  5. Fill in the proxy* (optional)
  6. Select what counter-fingerprinting technologies you want to use in this browser profile
  7. Choose proxy tunneling* (optional)
  8. Click “Save”

Go back to the main menu and you will a see a new browser profiles added.


*- Advanced and optional. Use them if you know what you are doing.

User agent* – a variable, which is transmitted by a browser to websites you are accessing. It is strongly recommended to make it correspond to the selected browser. See the list of most common User-agents used in different browsers here.

Proxy Tunneling* – is a Multiloginapp feature for people using proxies with IP authorization for their accounts. Other people, like virtual assistants, will be able to access your sessions (that is if you share session access with them of course), without giving proxy access to them. This feature is only available with either PRO or Agency licenses.