Changing about:config

Starting from Multiloginapp 1.4, you can edit and define any global about:config parameters, which are applied to all of your Stealthfox and Firefox browser profiles. This practically enables you to define any Firefox/Stealthfox browser settings.

You can change the value of any parameter by defining them in the file, which is located in the %username%/ directory. The format, in which you define these preferences, is the following:

firefox.config.{Preference name}={Value}

For example, we want our Stealthfox browser profiles to have the following settings by default:

  • Enable pop-up windows
  • Set the maximum persistent connections per proxy to 32

In order to accomplish this we would go through the following process:

  1. Go to about:settings and find the corresponding preferences to the settings that we want to apply
  2. Go to %username%/ directory
  3. Edit the properties file with any text editor
  4. Add the following two lines into the properties file
  5. Save the file and restart Multiloginapp