Upgrading to Multiloginapp 1.4

Starting from Multiloginapp 1.4, there are 2 categories of supported browsers:

  • Default bundled browsers. These browsers are automatically downloaded when Multiloginapp 1.4 is launched and are used as default browsers when the browser profile is launched. These include Chromium 56, Firefox 52 and Stealthfox 49.
  • Non-default supported browsers. These browsers are installed manually. These include Chrome versions 51-56, Firefox versions 49-51 and Opera 39 and 40.

You have the option to use either of these browsers dependent on your preferences.

Using default bundled browsers, such as Chromium 56 and Firefox 52

If you have previously run Multiloginapp 1.3.18 or lower version on your PC, you will need to remove the old configuration in order to use the bundled browsers. Here’s a process you can follow:

  1. Install and launch Multiloginapp 1.4
  2. Wait till the default browsers are downloaded
  3. Go to %username%/.multiloginapp.com directory
  4. Delete all browser paths in the properties file and save
  5. Delete all browser folders in the %username%/.multiloginapp.com/data directory. But do not delete the “deps” folder!
  6. Restart Multiloginapp and you are ready to go

Using non-default supported browsers, such as Chrome 56 and Firefox 51 and lower

  • If you have previously run Multiloginapp 1.3.18 or lower version on your PC, you can just install Multiloginapp 1.3.19, launch it and continue using Multiloginapp as you used to.
  • If you have not previously run Multiloginapp on your PC, when you install Multiloginapp 1.4 and launch it, it will automatically start downloading default browsers. So, if you wish to use other non-default browsers, please following instructions, which are provided here.