We have released Multiloginapp 1.4 which contains a number of significant changes. Read this announcement to quickly learn what’s new in the version 1.4.

Browser compatibility has always been an issue for Multiloginapp users. One had to check which browsers are supported by a particular version of Multiloginapp and manually downgrade already installed browsers. In Multiloginapp 1.4, we present you an automated browser download system. Each version of Multiloginapp will be bundled with a specific version of Chromium and Firefox browsers. The browsers will be downloaded automatically upon the first launch. Downloaded browsers will not interfere with other browsers installed on your system.

Another issue was with portable versions of Chrome browser built by Slimjet.com. They contained a bug which led to frequent crashes. Since Multiloginapp 1.4, you will be using our own browser builds. This will greatly improve application stability and resolve many problems that previously led to crashing. We also performed many optimizations and bug fixes that will resolve crashing problems caused by other reasons for Windows 10 users.

Don’t worry about switching from Chrome to Chromium. From the privacy standpoint, these browsers are twin-brothers. In other words, websites see them as having the same fingerprint.

If currently your installation of Multiloginapp is manually configured to work with Chrome, you may need to remove the old configuration to start using automatically downloaded Chromium. Click here to learn how to do it in a simple way.

If you want to use Chrome browser instead of the Chromium automatically provided by us, please follow these instructions. This is also valid for Opera browser.

We thank you for using Multiloginapp and if you have any questions left, please let us know.